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A global movement for Peace

With the power of intention, together we can transform our future.

We can do it!

Peacefulness is a noble endeavor
- to bring peace to ourselves,
our communities, our planet.
Imagine joining millions around the world to create a vision of peace for all. What a world that would create!

To live in peace is a daily challenge. Whether at home, at work, in your community and your country, peace is the need of the hour. You can help to make the change.

Peacefulness provides the tools of individual and collective transformation in a very simple way. Peace can be experienced while doing the things you love, whether at school, at work, in your environment, through art, sports, etc.

Your intentions are powerful. They set the tone of your life. A great way to live a peaceful life is to practice peaceful intentions.


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21 Days
of Peace

Try Peacefulness. Join our 21
days for a more peaceful world.
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Our Intentions for Peace

We use the power of thoughts to bring about individual and collective change. When starting to make a peaceful intention, first take a moment to center yourself in the present moment, in the simplicity that is the quintessence of Nature. Let your heart be in it!

Intention 1

Among all people in the world
Let there be compassion
Let there be kindness
Let there be love
Let there be peace

Intention 2

Everything around you is absorbing peace, including the sky, the oceans, the trees, the people, the wildlife, the buildings – and everything is radiating peace.

Intention 3

Everyone is becoming peaceful, nurturing correct thinking, right understanding, and integrity of purpose.

How these intentions
can work

By using peaceful intentions every day, and by starting our activities with them, we naturally contribute to peace for ourselves, our families, with friends, and in our communities.

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