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Almost everything starts with thought, and a thought with purpose is an intention. The energy of an intention has a ripple effect when it goes out into the world and so it becomes a reality.

By contributing to the peacefulness movement, you will make a difference.

“When you’re connected to the power of intention, everywhere you go and everyone you meet is affected by you and the energy you radiate.”
—Dr. Wayne Dyer


Do you dream of a peaceful life? These intentions will contribute to your peace of mind, as well as create harmony with your family members, friends, and in your communities.

Studies have shown that many people creating a vision can produce its desired effect. Imagine joining millions around the world to create a vision of peace for all. What a world that would create!

Our Intentions for Peace

We use the power of thoughts to bring about individual and collective change. When starting to make a peaceful intention, first take a moment to center yourself in the present moment, in the simplicity that is the quintessence of Nature. Let your heart be in it!

Intention 1

Among all people in the world
Let there be compassion
Let there be kindness
Let there be love
Let there be peace

Intention 2

Everything around you is absorbing peace, including the sky, the oceans, the trees, the people, the wildlife, the buildings – and everything is radiating peace.

Intention 3

Everyone is becoming peaceful, nurturing correct thinking, right understanding, and integrity of purpose.

Messengers of Peace

Click to read messages from our Peace Ambassadors from around the world


“When all of us connect, it will create one humanity. This will uplift our willingness to reach one peace and one happiness.”

Guila Clara Kessous


“It is our collective intention and attention toward peace that will create peace. No individual can make it happen, otherwise it would have happened a long time ago.”

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