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We welcome individuals, communities, educational institutions, NGOs, governments and corporate organizations, professional groups, etc. from around the world. It only takes one grain of rice to tip the scales. Imagine what thousands would do.

Peacefulness is a platform for unity and togetherness, to promote peace, transformation, authenticity, and optimism in action.

We welcome partners who will join us to promote and sustain peace and peace-related tools, research, skills, and community support systems.

We wish to collaborate through education, ecology, health, wellness at work, the arts, sport, etc. to activate peace for the whole planet. Together we can create transformative projects and build lasting change.

We are all peace ambassadors. We can mobilize peace communities through in-person events and multimedia platforms. We support each other by bringing our various strengths to the table.

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Share the values of activating peace, compassion, kindness, and love. Encourage everyone to be at peace with themselves, each other, and the planet.

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