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For Your School

3 intentions for a peaceful school community

We invite you to come and join us to celebrate the power of peace.

Through these resources, schools can

  • Contribute to a more peaceful environment for children and our community

  • Enrich social-emotional learning in every child

  • Develop inner peace which can lead to empathy, compassion, and self-esteem

  • Boost mental health by being peaceful

  • Equip school communities with the tools and techniques that promote a heart-based nurturing environment focusing on peace


Words of peace,Thoughts of love

Read the quotes and have a discussion on the thoughts they evoke in the heart.



Peace Chain Is The Strongest Link!

Make a peace chain using strips of colored paper. Everyone can write their own “peace intention” and link them together to make a peace chain.



Make a Heart Collage

What makes you peaceful? What places do you like to visit to feel peaceful? What helps you to feel peaceful? What do you want to fill your heart with?



Peace Innovations Engage, collaborate, ideate.

Reflect on, inner peace leads to outer peace leads to world, What is the impact of Peace Day? How can you be peace ambassadors every day? Who is a peace ambassador you admire?



Heart In-Tune Sing, Record, Share!

Students can be encouraged to write their own song and then record the video or record a song from your choir group or as a fun activity and create a video.



Peace Dove Dove is a symbol of Peace!

Across cultures of the world, a white dove is a symbol of peace and love. Students can be encouraged to create a paper dove using origami sheets and display them.

Peace Intentions

Improve the Atmosphere


Resonate with Nature


Understand each other


how to use these intentions

Write the intentions on post-it notes and place them somewhere you will see them early in the morning

How do you feel now?

Remember that the first step is to create awareness and learning to verbalize our feelings. Here are some feelings flashcards to help you.

emotions 1 of 12

Me or We

Download our Peacefulness Playbook to discover activities that will bring unity, peace, harmony, love, and joy to your school.

Find out your score in our Peacefulness Index

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